Premium Ads

We are a community driven site and while we kept most of the features free on this site, we also need to make payments for the resources which are using to run this site. therefore to manage our costs, we offer premium ads on this site. they are like normal ads but have better visibility compare to other ads and displayed on the top.

What are the Premium ads on

Premium ads are always display on the top and get better preferance then normal ads. We have kept it cost to minimal which is 1USD or ~60 Rupees.


What are the advantages of posting Premium ads on

Premium Ads will give you better visiblity and user can see them first. so the chances of you selling your item increases with better visibility.


What are the plans/Packs for posting Premium Ads on

We have 3 plans as of now:

1. 1 Premium Ad = you will be required to pay only 1 USD or ~ 60 Rupees and can post 1 Premium Ad.

2. 5 Premium Ads = you will be required to pay 1 x 5 = 5 USD or 5 X 60 ~ 300 Rupees and can post 5 premium Ads.

3. 10 Premium Ads = you will be required to pay 1 x 10 = 10 USD or 10 X 60 ~ 600 Rupees and can post 10 premium Ads.


What is the procedure to post a premium ad?

Procedure is simple, you can post a normal ad and then when you see below message:

Premium Ads on

Just click on "Pay with Paypal" button as mentioned above. it will redirect you to payment site, you can make payments from there.

I need help, where to contact?

you can always contact us at in case of any issues/feedback or suggestions.